Why an on-line exhibition?

“Milano città immaginata. 10 projects from the CASVA archives” is an exhibition dedicated to Milan and to the culture of design: designs which, when completed, become real, but that may also remain an idea on a page, a hypothesis, a virtual idea.




«For an architect, drawing is one of the tools of his trade, a form of education, assimilation, communication and transformation, it is part of the process of design. An architect does have other tools at his disposal, but nothing can take the place of drawing without creating repercussions. […]. Every action – including that of drawing – is charged with history, with unconscious memory, with immeasurable and obscure wisdom». 

Álvaro Siza, from L'importanza di disegnare, 1987

Exhibit and seminars at Polimi

Visitors are invited on a journey across Milan from the city centre through the plazas, past the main infrastructures and on to districts and streets.