Archives and the exhibited archives

Archives have accompanied the history of civilisation. An archive is both a place where documents are preserved as a collection, as well as the documents created and preserved by a single person, by a family or by an institution.

The preservation of original documents is a completely arbitrary process and this exhibition is a perfect illustration;  compared to the approximately 400 documents from Fredi Drugman’s project for Corso Garibaldi, only one small photograph of one of the technical drawings for Mario Terzaghi and Augusto Magnaghi’s design for the Arengario survives in the archive. Nothing more.

Other discoveries we leave to you, if you follow us into the labyrinth of the archives of these architects.

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Luciano Baldessari
Jonathan De Pas, Donato D’Urbino, Paolo Lomazzi - Roberto Sambonet
Fredi (Alfredo) Drugman
Francesco Gnecchi Ruscone
Vittorio Gregotti
Augusto Magnaghi, Mario Terzaghi
Virgilio Vercelloni


«We persevere with the idea of architecture as a work of art, and the architect as Artist; buildings and builders are something else, worthy of respect, but different. Artists, real artists, are not dreamers like many believe, but are instead remarkable realists: they don’t transform reality into a dream, but a dream into reality; written, drawn, musical, architectural reality».

Gio Ponti, from Amate l'architettura: l'architettura è un cristallo, Vitali and Ghianda, Genoa, 1957