Anni '50-'60

1950’s-1960’s Years

The years following the war were at first defined by a slow recovery and then by the explosion of an economic boom. Milan experienced a period of turmoil in the field of architecture; the respected figures of the preceding decades – such as Muzio and Ponti – were joined by the Rationalists – including Albini, Bottoni, BBPR, Gardella – and a new generation who arrived with an eye on modern architecture. The grand themes were the reconstruction of the city after the bombs and new districts of public housing, as well as middle-class condominiums and office blocks and towers. The planning regulations of 1953 returned to the theme of demolitions in the historical centre that were clumsily combined with several submissions proposed by the Rationalists. The architectural debate oscillated between optimistic trust in modernity, in the hands of Ponti, and an attempt to harmonise the new with the “pre-existing landscape” that was defended by Rogers. Many architects – among them Magistretti, Zanuso and the Castiglioni brothers, added the design of objects to that of buildings and districts, giving life to the first celebrated season of Made in Italy.