Piazzale Cadorna

Gregotti Associati, G 14 Progettazione, Studio GPI 



The Gregotti Associati studio, working on behalf of the Ferrovie Nord Milano in collaboration with other designers, developed an ambitious project to transform the platforms at the Cadorna railway station. The project foresaw a sequence of spaces and buildings raised above the platforms; behind Piazzale Cadorna and the radically restructured station, there followed a glass fronted gallery with shops, an office block, two large glass pavilions in correspondence with the Palazzo dell’Arte and a hotel towards Via Pagano. Squares and raised walkways joined the various parts of the project with the city and Parco Sempione.

A project to transform the obstacle of the railway into a living part of the city.



«A design is a dialogue with the existing conditions, with the site and with the histories of each through the subject and its memories; dialogue is possible only between subjects that can recognise their differences, that are separate. This is why design is modification, the establishment of differences, the construction of something new in the stream of history. The qualities of the design are the qualities of this difference. Today it is not possible to  have both coincidence and conciliation».

Vittorio Gregotti, from Il territorio dell'architettura, Feltrinelli, Milan, 1966